Israeli Philosopher’s Book on Nationalism Now Best-seller on Amazon

Yoram Hazony, president of The Herzl Institute in Jerusalem, is author the now number-one book on nationalism in the Amazon category of Nationalism, titled The Virtue of Nationalism. Educated at Princeton University and Rutgers University in the United States, he is elder brother of Israeli-American writer David Hazony, who founded The Tower Magazine.

His other books include The Philosophy of Hebrew Scripture (2012) and God and Politics in Esther (2nd ed., 2015). His best known work is probably The Jewish State: The Struggle for Israel’s Soul (2000), in which he dissected the “post-Zionist” trends in Israeli culture and politics.

This was an impressive intellectual history, referencing such thinkers as Arendt, Buber and Scholem who opposed the establishment of Israel. Hazony polemicizes with them, arguing for a re-establishment of the nation “as a guardian of the Jews and a source of strength to them.”

His newest book continues and generalizes the argument he made there, drawing on his 2012 work to underline the Old Testament roots that directly inspired English, Dutch and American Protestants from the sixteenth century onward. It makes a cogent and convincing case, in this age of “multiculturalism”, for why the flourishing of human societies requires that vision, which allows conflict and hate to be circumscribed.

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